Here are a few of our Testimonials!​​​​​​​
Layla and Blue
Blue is a multipurpose service dog, specifically mobility assist and psychiatric service dog. In the photo picture, Blue joined me at an event that I would have never have gone to before have him but I felt safe knowing that I had him by my side. He’s been the best thing to ever happen to me and I’ll be forever grateful to honey’s garden for training my superhero.
Jamie and Grace
The miracle of Grace started just 2 years ago. I was looking at diabetic alert dogs.  T1 is a 24 hour a day job. Constant blood checks, carb counting and insulin dosing. It’s very unpredictable and no day is ever the same. Having a DAD would ease so much pressure off the family. 
Gracie has been home with us now for just over a year and we cannot imaging our lives without her. She is Jamie's best friend and guardian, as well as my comfort when things get tough. 
She has brought such peace of mind to our lives. she has on many occasion, come up to me when my mind is on other things, and alerted to a low. She has honestly saved Jamie's life more than once.  She is a guardian angel with four legs and fur! 
Lucy and her team are amazing, we are so grateful for their love and dedication to helping so many families. We are part of a group from Honeys Garden that post pictures and videos of our DAD's. Its amazing to see the difference they have made in so many lives in such a short time! 
Lucy you have no idea how grateful we are to have met you. We will forever be in your debt! 
Aster and Bamboo
Bamboo has made my quality of life so much easier and simpler. I never knew how much I needed an extra helping hand until we began working together. He helps ground me during times of stress and lifts my spirits during a depressive episode. He alerts me to my epilepsy and helps me find a quiet space to sit down and relax through the seizure. I have never known a greater love nor a better companion to accompany me on my journey. Thank you Honey’s Garden for all your help, support and encouragement!
Michael and Jewel
As a Seizure Response Dog Jewel is trained to do literally everything a human would do for me during seizures. This includes using an emergency button to phone for help. She is trained to help with 2 of my 4 types of seizures. Since Jewel moved in with me, over three years ago, Jewel has done more than just the seizure response tasks that she was trained & certified to do. She's helped me keep my independence, helped me gain confidence, & actually reduced my seizure activity due to the fact that stress is my trigger. 
She also taught herself how to help me climb stairs when I'm unable to on my own, due to nerve damage in my spine. She saves my life on a daily basis.
My favorite example is when I seized in the road and was hit by a car. She pulled me the rest of the way across the road to prevent me from being hit by any other cars.
Niel and Basil
Just an email to say thank you for the great job you guys did with Basil.
He has really grown in his training over the last year.
He now warns me on both highs and lows in different ways like you 
trained him.
High is a tap with the paw (This goes with a lot of licking prior to the 
tap) and the low'she just launches himself with both paws on my lap (Followed by grabbing me by the arm and trying to get more of my attention)
The other day he warned me whilst I was busy with our support meeting on 
Skype that it was low.  He started getting really upset with me not responding 
immediately. He went looking for the girls, but they were not at home.

He then brought Sasha along and she joined in. ( Every time Basil jumps, 
she barks so  I had to put the meeting on hold.) When I checked it was 2.9


As my sugar is mostly high he warns me quite frequently.
Over time the number of highs has come down a lot as well as the 
threshold for the warning. It use to be about 18 - 19, but he now warns on 13. Seems like we are working our way down to 9.
He has now adapted quite well to the home and has become good friends 
with Sasha. The main event daily is tug-of-war between the two and his walk.

I can truly say that he is one of the best things that has happened to me.
Lize and Holly
"In 2017 we received Holly. A wonderful beautiful dog that changed our lives forever.
My daughter, Lize was diagnosed just before her first birthday. Life with diabetes is full of worries. Always checking your child's blood sugar, feeling their skin, looking at their hands, looking for colour changes in their faces, testing at night, making sure there are snacks, juice boxes. Counting carbs, correcting for highs, changing sites. The list just goes on and on.
This list, by no means gets shorter when you get a DAD, but it makes me a lot less stressed. It feels as if I have another helping hand, and what a wonderful hand Holly is.
Holly has alerted Lize so many times now, that I have lost count.  I have a little more peace sending Lize off to school or a hockey game. Leaving her alone was never an option and now she and Holly can go and do what they want without a stressed out mother - I know Holly will alert her before she goes low.
What a blessing Honey's Garden was for me and my girls. They came into our lives when I was desperate to help my daughter cope. They changed our lives forever... Holly is an absolute angel straight from heaven."​​​​​​​
Micah and Xara
This is a picture of my two younger daughters and our dog Xara. My middle daughter Micah (in the blue shirt) is 7 years old. She is also a type 1 diabetic. Xara is a diabetic alert dog. Xara is trained to alert Micah when her blood sugar drops below 4. Xara has a really excellent nose and she rarely misses a low. She live alerts when Micah is playing or sleeping and hasn’t checked her blood glucose level. Micah uses a CGM device to monitor her sugar. It gives us pretty accurate readings but once or twice Xara has alerted persistently when Micahs readings have been 4.7 or 4.8. We then did a finger prick test to find that Micah’s sugar was actually in the 2’s! Xara has also caught a low of 2.6 when we changed Micah’s sensor. It takes an hour for the new sensor to warm up and produce readings. Micahs BG dropped very quickly from an 8 to 2.6. Micah thought she was high as the feelings can sometimes be similar.
 Xara takes her job very seriously and checks everyone in the family. She is the most loving dog and has been a great comfort to Micah. Another amazing thing about Xara is that she has started to alert for high blood glucose as well even though she has not been trained to do so. When Micah is asleep Xara comes to get me. On a few occasions when Micah has gone to sleep with her levels in range and BG levels have climbed during the night. Xara can smell that something isn’t right.
Honeys Garden is a nonprofit company (2016/387235/08), public benefit organization (18a - PBO 930064599) whose mission is to place quality service dogs with people within South Africa who are struggling with disabilities or diseases. We also help with animal rescue via our #zerotohero program, and educate the public regarding use of service dogs in public places.

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