Fundraising Tool Box
Raising the money to pay your family contribution fee can seem overwhelming! We never want you to feel that way and so we have included a few things for your fundraising tool box to assist you in getting the best friend of your dreams!
​​​​​​​Remember that if you are under privileged or struggling to raise the funds, we can put your letter of motivation on our website for potential sponsors. (Under privileged families receive priority in selection).
Setting up a fundraising site is often the first step to a successful fundraising campaign. Why not try creating a page in which your campaign can be shared on social media. We will also share it on our Facebook page! All funds that you raise using these sites can be sent to Honey’s Garden directly. Ask donors to use your name as reference. It will then be allocated to your account.
Here are some crowd funding sites that you may wish to use:
Go Get Funding

Many families find that getting their story into their local media is often helpful.  Honey’s Garden can also assist with media content for your press release.
To publish your fundraising news story on our website please email the story and a photo to with email subject example:

Take part in a fundraising challenge! This is always fun! Here are some examples of active challenges that you can participate in around SA:
The Cape Argus
Cape Town Cycle Tour
Cape Town Marathon
The Colour Run​​​​​​​
You can also approach fundraising organisations who assist in raising money for people in need, some ideas include:
Reach for a Dream Foundation
Make a Wish Foundation
Dischem Foundation
Smile Foundation SA

Local events - Host a Golf Day, Charity Gala, Banquet (many restaurants will be keen tog et involved and often have charity meal packages or buffets), or a beach clean up in order to gather your friends and family together to raise some funds for your cause!
Choose a challenge – A few of our families have created their own challenges and have had great success in fundraising! This may be a cycle, a swim or a ride in aid of your future hero!
Get baking – Why not bake biscuits or make fudge to sell at your church, school or place of work? You will be surprised to see how much fudge sells for when people know that there is a personal good cause, and some love sweat and tears behind it!
Get creative – Create something that people like and sell it in aid of your future hero, some examples are plant pots, dog leads, cushions, dollies, jewellery, hair braids. The possibilities are endless really!
Schools in - Ask your school to run a civies day in aid of your future hero!
Clear out – Why not clear out some of your old things and join a market day or car boot sale!
Photo booth – Everybody is obsessed with photos these days! A photo booth is easy to set up if you have access to a good camera, a large colourful sheet and have a love for photography! Gather some props, ask your friends or family if you can attend their parties and set up a photo point! Sell these pictures for a donation towards your cause and email them their photo!
Use your skills – Do you participate in any shows with your talent or want to create your own? Horse riding? Motor Cycling? Fishing? Paintball? Competitors would compete for prizes but pay a donation to enter. You could also include a raffle, some food or market stalls and a game element to really boost the donations.
Car wash or dog wash – Host a car or dog wash in your local areas!
Host a Quiz Night – At home, school or the local pub! You can run a “pub quiz” and ask for donated prizes to raise money. You could also host a talent show at school or work!

Always say thank you and keep your supporters up to date with how your fundraising journey is progressing, and especially when you have completed the raising of your funds!

Above are a few ideas to raise money for your family contribution fee. Should you receive any media interest we would be happy to partake. Otherwise you are welcome to send us your fundraising news story for our website. We will also share it on our fundraising Facebook page.
Please email the story and a photo to with email subject example: BOBBY BROWN FUNDRAISING ARTICLE ABCNEWS
Honeys Garden is a nonprofit, 2016/387235/08 organization whose mission is to place quality service dogs with people within South Africa who are under privileged, fighting with disabilities or diseases, and veterans who have lost use of limbs or hearing. We also help with animal rescue, and educate the public regarding use of service dogs in public places.

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