It is Honey's Gardens aim and goal to make Medical Alert dogs as widely accepted as possible! 
With Honey’s Garden pioneering the training of Medical Service Dogs within South Africa, it is not something that is always recognized around the country. We employ our suppawters to advocate with us and share the good news! By simply sharing our social media posts or recommending us to people in need you are helping to raise awareness and make change a reality in SA.
The main problem that our service dog teams have is whilst out in public establishments that do not ordinarily allow dogs inside. Honey's Garden Service Dogs are required to go anywhere that their human counterpart needs to go.
This includes but not limited to:
Shopping Centres
Retail outlets 
Grocery Stores 
Public Transport
Learning Facilities 
Business premises
Being turned away can be extremely frustrating and embarrassing for many service dog teams. It is generally a lack of education and because the handler often displays no visible disability such as being blind or in a wheelchair. We find that speaking to the owner or manager of the establishment in a friendly manner works wonders for solving future access problems. You are welcome to give them some of the resources that are included on our fundraising toolbox page in order to aid with this problem. 
All service dog teams will be given a certificate, letter of entry and a photo card which explains exactly what the dog does. Managers and owners need to hear that the dog is not a threat to anybody and that they are clean.
This is an on going journey for South Africa but we are happy to say that we have been met with open arms thus far.
Companies that do allow Honey’s Garden service dogs to enter can be found on the list below. To add to this list, or to get your establishment listed as service dog friendly (not just guide dog friendly), contact us for information and have your company, with website link and logo listed on our website.
We say a HUGE tail wagging thank you to all of these suppawters!
Builders Warehouse Sunningdale
Macro South Africa
Table Bay Mall
Cape Gate Shopping Centre
Starke Ayres Garden Centre
Pick n Pay Eden on the Bay
Pick n Pay Melkbosstrand
Pick n Pay West Coast Village
Bayside Mall
This list is growing every day! We would like to ask our supporters to unite together with a positive view that in the near future our dogs will be accepted everywhere.
We are currently working on the legislation to get Medical Alert dogs onto a service dog register within South Africa! We strive to create and withhold the high standard the service dogs should be kept and trained at in order to keep their fantastic reputation throughout the country.
Please continue advocating for Honey's Garden for Medical Alert Dogs! If you come across a new platform or establishment that has agreed to allow service dogs please let us know so we can add it to this list and our campaign.
Honeys Garden is a nonprofit, 2016/387235/08 organization whose mission is to place quality service dogs with people within South Africa who are under privileged, fighting with disabilities or diseases, and veterans who have lost use of limbs or hearing. We also help with animal rescue, and educate the public regarding use of service dogs in public places.

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