Application Process

FIRST STEP - Receipt of relevant forms:
Receipt of Application Form / Reference Letter / Health Referral Form where applicable / Support System Letter where applicable.
Applications for service dogs will be received and reviewed by Honey’s Garden. Any errors or queries will be addressed within 2 weeks of receipt and phone the client for a Q and A call. Honey’s Garden will determine the needs of the applicant and the ability of Honey’s Garden to meet those needs.
SECOND STEP - Interview:
Interviews will be held face to face at our office in Sunningdale, Cape Town if the applicant resides within the Western Cape. If the applicant resides outside of this area, interviews will be carried out telephonically using video calling.
The interview will determine training tasks that the service dog will need to perform. This will be placed within a contract once the full family fee has been received. that will be sent to the applicant to agree on and sign. Any queries can be addressed via email for this contract.

THIRD STEP - Receipt of Contract and Deposit:
Honey’s Garden will receive the applicant’s signed contract. At this stage we ask for a non-refundable deposit of R10,000. This will secure your family's place on the program and guarantee you a service dog.
We will organize for a home inspection to be carried out.
Under privileged applicants are not expected to pay this deposit but must write a letter of motivation. This letter will then go onto this page for review of potential sponsors.
If an applicant is able to pay the deposit of R10,000, is not classified as under privileged, BUT is unable to pay the remainder of the family contribution of R40,000, they may also submit a letter of motivation. Please note that under privileged applicants will receive priority for sponsorship.
Payments do not need to be submitted all at once. All payments that have been referenced correctly with the applicants name will be allocated to that applicants account.
PLEASE NOTE: All applicants, even under privileged MUST be able to financially maintain a service dog, AND pass a home inspection in order to be successful in receiving a service dog.
FOURTH STEP: Fundraising for the remainder of the family fee
Applicants that need to fundraise in order to reach the total of their family contribution (R60,000 including deposit of R10,000) can use our fundraising tool box in order to aid in fundraising within their communities. This is an extremely successful process and we are willing to assist where we can.
Families are required to have raised / donated their contribution for service in order to move onto the fifth step.

FIFTH STEP: Class Placement and Service Dog Training
Upon receipt of the complete family fee for service, Honeys Garden will match a dog to the family and place the family into a workshop / graduation group. This workshop will be at the completion of the service dog’s training and will be where the applicant meets, and learns how to handle their new best friend. NOTE that this date is subject to change.
This workshop group may be up to a year after submission of application, however we endeavor to have you booked in within 6-8 months of application.
We are able to assist with finding local dog friendly accommodation that will suit your needs, however we are unable to assist with transport and you will need to be able to travel up to 20km to our centre and to local public spaces.​​​​​​​
FINAL STEP! : Meeting your Hero
One month before your allocated workshop, you will receive a letter and photograph via email of the dog that we have allocated to your family. We will also include a schedule for the workshop.
Please note that we are extremely good at matching service dogs to families in need and although we endeavor to keep your preferences in mind, we cannot guarantee the dog that you may think you want based on how they look. Service dogs are highly trained to save and protect lives, and our top priority is to match your needs with the perfect dog, please trust us in doing do.
Two weeks before your allocated workshop, we will do a video call with a Honeys Garden representative, your family and your dog! You will get to meet your dog (on camera) and ask any last minute questions that you may have regarding the workshop.
During the workshop you will learn everything there is to know about living and working with a service dog. You will learn how to ask your dog to perform their trained tasks and the do’s and don’ts of owning a service dog.
Towards the end of the workshop you will do a public access test with your dog so that we can see competence levels from both parties. This test will include some of the tasks that your dog is trained to do. We do NOT advocate forcing a medical event for testing and will use samples and acting where necessary.
Upon completion of the workshop you will graduate with your new best friend!
You will receive your starter pack, a letter for local establishments and an ID card stating who you and your dog are.
You will need to sign a new parent pledge before leaving us.
The only step remaining is to take your new best friend home and live your best life together!
Please remember that we are here to answer any questions that you may have. Please check out this page for even more information on what to expect!
Honey’s Garden service dogs are required to be re-certified annually. You do not have to travel to our facility for this, but we will not complain if you choose to!
Honeys Garden is a nonprofit, 2016/387235/08 organization whose mission is to place quality service dogs with people within South Africa who are under privileged, fighting with disabilities or diseases, and veterans who have lost use of limbs or hearing. We also help with animal rescue, and educate the public regarding use of service dogs in public places.

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