Our day training centre is the hub for our medical alert dog training. The carefully selected dogs attend “school” every week day and spend evenings and weekends with trained and reliable fosters. During school, the dogs are equiped with skills in obedience and socialisation so that they are prepped for the big wide world. A balanced dog is more focused, less likely to become distracted when working and more likely to fulfil their purpose as a medical alert dog. All of our dogs achieve a KUSA Canine Good Citizen Award and undergo stringent and thorough exposure to the world. They learn to work with increasing distractions, and pass a stringent public access exam so that their new families can take them to public places and the dogs will feel comfortable wherever they may go.

We match each dog to a well deserving family and collect specific samples of the new owner’s low sugar to use for individual training. Once “pre-training” is complete, a 2 week workshop is held for all new owners and their dogs, and the home integration process can begin.